Are You an Artist?

Are you an artist….or are you not?

Years ago I wrote and article about what constitutes a true artist. But over the years, I’ve come to realize that the definition of what an artist is as defined by Webster’s and what we really are, is actually too narrow. I thought it was time to rewrite the article and explain what I think an artist really is, as I come to understand the definition.

Webster’s dictionary defines an artist as:

Are you and artist who creates? Or merely creates what others expect of you?

Have you ever questioned if you are an artist? If so, question no more.As I see it, an artist is someone who creates. I prefer to believe that an artist is one who creates beauty in their world. Creation should be something of beauty. While an artist creates, all created things are not beautiful or artistic.

For instance, a person can create mayhem, mischief and destruction. But mayhem and destruction are not artisticAre You and artist . Find out here.

When I moved back to my home town several years ago, I expressed the interest to teach classes as I had done before in the area I previously had lived. I was asked what my credentials were. I was a bit taken aback as I was unaware that there were requirements to teaching in a small rural town. Immediately I felt awkward and, dare I say it, unworthy. A few years later, after I had joined the local art group, we were asked to identify ourselves and give a small history of where we had learned our skills, and whatever background concerning our art knowledge that we cared to share.

Imagine my shock to discover that out of all the people there, I was the only one with a college degree!

My point is that often we look to others for validation and worth for what we do. I don’t think that art is only about what sells for big bucks. I don’t think it’s about getting Best of Show at the fair, either. Here’s why… isn’t just about following the rules such as lighting, composition, perspective, although following the basic rules does help make a good painting. It’s about an emotion, a visceral reaction.

I’ve participated in art shows where I knew I would do well….I just knew it. And I didn’t. The judge picked something I thought was unworthy and far inferior to other work. But no matter how impartial a person tries to be, judge or not, that person will always favor something they may be partial to. Even if we are unaware of it, we may tend to gravitate to a painting, a piece of music, because of the way it’s makes us feel. Not because of the way it looks. Some of the ugliest paintings I have ever painted (in my youth!) I sold because it evoked some emotion in the buyer.

So, even my ugliest painting was art. And it was considered art because it made someone feel good.
But I still strongly believe that learning some techniques and elements of painting, some of the basic rules, will not only make your painting a better one, but enhance the emotional pull of whatever you are trying to paint.
If you are an artist, you are painting for the sheer joy of it, perfecting your craft and your passion as you learn. You are not painting to meet someone else’s expectations or requirements.
Now, answer this question as honestly as you can…… Are you an artist?


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