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Simple, Easy and Fast; Online Art Lessons at Home

I created these  lessons to be simple and fast. I honestly believe that even if you are new to painting, you can do these projects. They are designed to be small for people that have little too. But being small, they are also fairly quick to complete. Several of them are completed with only 2 to 4 colors. Most are no larger than 11×14 and most  8 x 10 or less.

Are These for Beginners?

I have the lessons marked beginner, intermediate to advanced using a color coded start. Beginners are blue, Intermediate is green and advanced is red.  If you like uncomplicated, and fast, these lessons are for you. Though I have marked the amount of time it takes to actually complete the painting, you should not in any way feel like you must finish in that time. The amount of time stated is the time it’s possible to complete; not what anyone is required to do. 

What comes with these lessons?

Plenty of photos to work with, a line drawing, supplies list links to how-to videos on this website and instructions. BONUS….if you get stuck painting, you can ask up to 2 questions related to the work you are doing from the kindle book you have order. DOUBLE BONUS, email  when you have left a review and you will be entered into a quarterly drawing for a $25 amazon gift card.

Beginners are blue, Intermediate is green and advanced is red

Watercolor Poinsettia in three colorsgreen--starUsing only 3 colors, it is possible to complete this project in one afternoon. And even if you don’t, the poinsettia painting is small enough to stow away for later. You don’t need a large colorful palette, expensive supplies or a lot of room to paint this vibrant Christmas flower~Bold Greens and reds and a striking background salt wash make this Watercolor Poinsettia a fantastic Christmas statement.
Includes line drawing and links to how-to videos on this site

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blue starcabin in watercolorOnly variations of two colors were used here. Yes, you read that right~…So you can easily paint this with few supplies. It’s tiny, too, and takes up little room, If you have 15 minutes to 1/2 hour to spare, you will have a finished painting.
The lesson focuses on building up a winter background, using a salt wash in darker colors, adding a tiny cabin and creating a wood tone using dry brush technique. Watercolor ‘Cabin in the Woods’ works perfect on a Christmas card.
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