ArmChairPaintClasses originally started  from my own recliner (armchair), literally, and like many people who live in small spaces, I became adept at finding spaces where there were none or creating a space in the middle of complete chaos.

I like order, though, and since I had so little room to work with, no actual painting room and didn’t like having to put out my paints and brushes on the kitchen table only to remove them for supper, and since I was unable to create and work on large projects such as full watercolor sheets or full size drawing paper, it worked out best for me to paint and draw small….I found that I was able to easily work on a drawing or painting 8 x 10 on up to a 16 x 20 (which is comfortable and easily managed size not only for working on, but for framing and displaying as well) and then store my work and paints and pencils in a carry all right next to my arm chair. While relaxing watching my favorite movies, I was able to work on many art projects this way. Sometimes, the only available space I had was the kitchen table, while baking bread and surrounded by 4 little boys under the \ age 6.  I realized that there might be many art lovers out there, like me ( a regular wife and mom that had little time to paint)  that wanted to learn how to paint and draw, but didn’t’ really have the space to accommodate them and in this way, the small watercolor, pencil and even pastel projects on ArmChairPaintClasses was born.

Though the projects are often small, there is not one that cannot be painted in a larger size if you have the inclination and the room to do so. It is merely a matter of resizing an outline, that often comes with the lesson, by using a grid or by a copier.

After working on a brick and mortar store, a web-store, a farm/ranch for decades, it’s time to go back. Go back to painting! and I hope you will join me in learning and painting many of these mini projects.

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