Boot Jacks, made for the western boot! What better way to remove
your boot than to use a well crafted wooden boot jack, one made
from Rawhide Gifts and Gallery. Western Boot Jacks are made from
beautiful native pine wood (some of which has a lovely two-toned
smoky blue gray grain in it), hand finished and hand polished with
some of these bootjacks sporting a silhouette cutout design of a

yote, horse, or bucking bronc, deer or buffalo.

crafted wood bootjacks finished to a glowing shine are amazingly
solid and durable. Base is made of a native pine

nd the
decorative cut overlay are usually made of oaks or walnut veneer.
Boots can easily and conveniently be taken off either standing or
seating. When standing, these bootjacks can take even the heaviest
person because the bulk of the weight is actually only on the tip
of the foot to balance and steady the jack while the heel of the
remaining boot is placed in the ‘U’ of the jack for removal

The bootjacks interior ‘U’ is well
sanded and does not scratch the heels of the boots. (Interior
of the ‘U” is approx. 2 2/2″ and exterior approx. 4 1/2″
). With good care, these western
boot jacks will give you long lasting care and enjoyment. Best of
all, they are reasonable in price compared to the heavily
constructed iron boot jacks, and are attractive and easy on the
eye.  For the traveling cowboy or
cowgirl….they are lightweight and take up little room. Just tuck
up into your rodeo bag and away you go!

are $38.95 plus $9.95
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