Easy Watercolor Lessons at Home

If you love to paint but have little time, if you have a passion to be creative but have little space, if you thrive on wielding a brush or pencil but have no idea how to get started or what to do next, then this is the place for you! ACPC was started almost 20 years ago because I love to paint and draw but have no real room to do so. In my opinion, Art should not be limited to being required to have a studio to paint in, no interruptions and no life. I did my work at the kitchen table while baking bread and surrounded by four little boys…If I can do it, so can you… Let's get started!

What's New?

I'm now working on my next project, a Birds of Prey Series! Book one, Hawk Study, is finished and will be uploaded to Amazon kindle soon. I will be offering the books on kindle, and because most people have laptops now or tablets, it's easy to take your device and paint on the go. But for those who are more traditional and prefer printing out their pages, I will be formatting all my lessons in PDF as well.
A mini landscape workshop is planned as well as a 3 month membership for those that prefer to have a few art watercolor questions answered privately for the items they order.